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Names of the awesome people who did this project:
Xavien Teo
Nishtha Gupta
Durwa Walimbe
Wee Wei-San
Name of the awesome class these people were from:


The question is how the shape of a blade of a wind turbine affects the amount of voltage produced. The aim of this project is to find out which shape of the blade is the most efficient in producing the amount of voltage so that we can decrease the amount of pollution in the atmosphere by producing our electricity by the wind, which is a never ending and green source. The next thing that was in our mind was how to solve this question? We solved it by making our own set ups of different blade shapes so that we can find out the most efficient and effective blade shape that will contribute to helping us get an answer to our question. Now you might be thinking how is this useful to me?
In the long run it will be useful not only to science but also humans. We humans are using fossil fuels at an alarming run and fossil fuels are not never ending. They will end and then what? How will we live- caveman days again? Well that when the wind turbines come into picture. Wind turbine uses wind to generate electricity. Wind is a never ending and green resource.

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