5. Conclusion


Summary of Findings:
Within our findings, our results tell us that the surface area of the "blade" will affect the amount of voltage generated. The larger the surface area of the blade, the higher the reading of the voltage. We tested all of the blades with the same fan and the same fan speeds, and we saw very clear readings between the results. When we discussed the amount of voltage generated by each of the "blades" we saw a clear distinction between the blades with a higher reading and the blades with the higher surface area.

Practical Applications:
With the results we can confidently say that wind energy is an excellent source of renewable energy. Since the wind is effected by the Sun, the Human race can keep using it as a reliable source of energy. Saying that, the amount of energy you will be able to receive is down to where you place the Wind turbine, since it is reliant on the wind, if you place it where there is no wind, you will not be able to gain any energy. With the right amount of wind turbines, almost any sized city can be powered.

Areas for further study:
Further research can be done on the areas of "Wind speed", "Efficiency", and "How does a bigger size blade/motor help with the generating of voltage". More research can be done on how does outside elements effect the wind mill, such as gravity, temperature or different atmospheres (assuming we can build on a different planet)

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